Start a team

For more information, visit the Destination Imagination “Start a Team” site or download the Start a Team Flyer.

Step one: Purchase your team kit & assign your team manager

  1. Go to and click on STORE
  2. Assign yourself or someone else as the Team Manager to begin the Background Check.
    • Click LOGIN from the top menu of to access our Resource Area.
    • Click the Teams menu item, and then select My Teams.
    • Click the pencil icon next to the team where you wish to add a Team Manager.
    • In the Team Managers box, click the Add Team Manager button.
    • You can assign someone as the Team Manager by looking up their email address or Add New Account if they do not have a DI (Destination Imagination) account.
  3. If you are not the Team Manager, send the Background Check code to the person you have assigned as the Team Manager. The code(s) can be found on the order screen under Status History once you have paid. Team Managers will need this to claim their pre-paid Background Check. If they don’t have it, they will be prompted to purchase a Background Check separately.

Step two: Team manager background check

  1. Educators DO NOT need a background check. Your school district will submit a form to Destination Imagination.
  2. Based on the email you receive from DI, log in to our DI Resource Area to confirm OR create your DI account, read and accept the Code of Conduct (found on the Welcome screen), enter your Background Check code and click Start Background Check. The Sterling Volunteers website will open for you in a new window.
  3. Enter the required information at Sterling Volunteers and click the Submit button. Use the same first name, last name and email address used for your DI account.
  4. Within 1-5 days (depending on your location), you will receive an email from Destination Imagination when your Background Check is complete and you are cleared to be a Team Manager. The Team Number purchaser will be contacted if you do not clear your Background Check.
  5. If cleared, you will automatically be added as a Team Manager for any team you have been assigned to by your team’s Purchaser.

Step three: Get Started

  1. Once you have been cleared and added as the Team Manager for a team, log in to the DI Resource Area.
    • View and download all Challenge Materials by going to Documents > View Documents. Don’t forget the Rules of the Road for all rules, procedures and forms and the Roadmap for team meeting activities to help your team succeed.
    • Add Team Members by clicking Teams > My Teams. Click the pencil icon next to the team you want to edit, then Add Team Member.
    • Add other Team Managers.Click Teams > My Teams. Click the pencil icon next to the team you want to edit, then Add Team Manager.
    • Select your Team’s Challenge and Level. Click Teams > My Teams.Click the pencil icon next to the Team you want to edit. Select the Challenge and Level from the drop-down menus, click the Mark as Chosen Challenge box and don’t forget to enter your Team Name.
  2. Register for the Southeast 6 regional tournament