This school year, how will you achieve educational outcomes beyond test standards?

You’re navigating schedule changes, modifications for distance learning, maintaining lunch programs and other necessary aid for your students, plus a slew of new needs no one could have anticipated.

Have you forgotten about project-based learning? Personalized learning? Meeting students’ social-emotional requirements?

Parents have high expectations for their children.

Get Started Today

Destination Imagination (DI) provides experiential, project-based learning in a competitive environment, that helps kids with:

  • Problem Solving: STEAM-based challenges that students solve in teams.
  • Creativity: Kids blossom developing ideas that build on what they learn in school
  • Communication: Each student has a voice and space to develop unique abilities and talents.
  • Collaboration: Team members make all the decisions and even manage the budget.

Every child deserves great learning and extracurricular activities.

We love to see kids thrive, and we can help you engage kids and your parent community.

DI is an international problem-solving competition for students of all ages. Our student-led STEAM-based challenges reinforce core SEL competencies—social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision making, self-awareness, and self-management.

These projects can be incorporated into distance learning and offer an inclusive learning environment where all students feel welcomed and valued.

How to Do DI

  • Create your teams: Purchase your school or district’s Team Numbers. Up to 7 kids per team, coached by one or two adult Team Managers.
  • Support the kids: Support the kids as they tackle their Team Challenge. Check out the Team Manager resources and training. The season begins November 1.
  • Compete: Compete and put the team’s creativity to the test. Teams compete regionally, state- or province-wide, then internationally at Global Finals.

Give your students experiences that can last a lifetime.

DI is an affordable, accessible program to support your mission to inspire and awaken your learners’ passion, creativity, and intellect. Start a DI team this school year and bring social-emotional learning inside and outside of the classroom.

Start a team today!